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Included in the Deer hunt


  • Guide

  • Accommodation/meals

  • Transportation during your hunt

  • Game retrieval

  • Trophy preparation

  • Meat transportation to camp and prepping


Not included


  • All relevant taxes

  • Licence

  • Firearm import permit fees

  • Gratuity optional

  • Client is responsible to transport meat home

saskatchewan whitetail
Deer Hunts

Saskatchewan is known worldwide for its unbeatable quality of Trophy whitetail hunting.


Going to the blind in the morning darkness and returning back to camp after the sun sets is for the most dedicated whitetail hunters.


Hunters will be transported by ATV to the blind/stand and will spend their day overlooking bait stations or travel routes. Be ready for that Saskatchewan monarch to appear suddenly from the thick forest cover!

Most trophy bucks are taken cruising through the bait stations in search of a hot doe, this could happen anytime of the day and we recommend all day sits.


Selecting the proper clothing is essential to being comfortable during the long hours on stand. Weather can be extreme in Northern Saskatchewan and a comfortable day in the blind might make all the difference to a successful hunt. Heaters can be provided for blinds, hunters may also choose to return to camp midday and return for the evening.



Stuff to bring


  • Weapon of Choice


  • Ammunition


  • Rifle Hunters - Blaze Orange Hat & suit/vest


  • Fall Protection Harness (required)


  • Video Camera


  • Digital Camera


  • Hunting Knife/saw


  • Flashlight


  • Small Backpack


  • Warm Clothes for cold days


  • Base Layer Clothing


  • Waterproof Boots/warm boots


  • Camp Shoes


  • warm Gloves


  • Personal Toiletries


  • Plastic Cooler (MEAT transport)






If a deer is wounded and not found the hunt is considered over






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