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Delta Outfitters is a group of individuals who have a passion for hunting and the outdoors. This group of individuals have been working together for years, ensuring an efficient operation. Clay, Michelle and Scott have been hunting together for many years knowing each others standards and techniques while in the field. Several of the local guides work alongside the staff ensuring the area is utilized properly and managed at a level to provide quality hunts.


Each individual on staff is an accomplished sportsman and has a vast knowledge of the outdoors and what it can offer. 


Black bear Saskatchewan
Clay Roberts - Owner/Guide

Raised on the family farm, living in the country gave Clay the opportunity to experience and enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis.

Introduced to hunting and fishing at an early age by his father allowed him, at 12 years old, to harvest his first whitetail deer which produced a memory that will never be forgotten.

Whitetail deer is his favorite animal to persue. The rush of rattling in a huge mature, rut crazed buck looking for a fight can’t be explained, it has to be experienced.

Being successful in his hunting career, harvesting a variety of B&C quality animals, Clay decided to make a point of helping other hunters become successful and enjoy these experiences therefore Delta Outfitters was aquired.




saskatchewan moose
Scott Schaeffer - Guide

Growing up as a hard working farm boy, and now managing his own successful ranch, Scott naturally aquired a passion for the outdoors. Hunting has been a part of his life since he can remember and he looks forward to passing his knowledge down to his two boys.

Over the years Scott has harvested several B&C animals, conquering most of his hunting goals. With those goals achieved there grew a need to help others do the same, therefore a great guide was developed.




Hughie Deschambeault - Guide

Living in the area Hughie has a vast knowledge of the land layout and travel routes. Guiding, fishing and hunting his whole life has given him a knowledge that is a true asset to this camp.

Never a dull moment when Hughie is around, whether he is sharing his knowledge or just sharing a laugh.



Matthew Fiddler- Guide

"Young Gun" has proven to be one of the hardest working client friendly guides on the Delta team. Matthew is anxious for success and thrives in work environments. He is one of the youngest guides but is full of knowledge and respect.

Willard Thomas (Will)- Guide

Will is a bit on the quiet side but has proven to be dedicated in the field. living in the area and growing up absorbing all the local knowledge and history of the land is a true asset to the team. His willingness to help clients enjoy their time at camp is always appreciated.

Kerstan Mckay - Guide

Kerstan has proven to be a hard worker who will go the extra mile to make sure the job is complete. His moose hunting techniques are second to none, this guide goes above and beyond when the calling sessions begin. Strong family roots and respect for other people shows when he hosts a hunter.


Hughie Deschambeault  jr (Moot) -

                    Camp Security

Moot has been one of the key elements in our operation. His willingness to help us at any given time is appreciated beyond belief. A local boy raised with strong family values and work ethic that is unmatched by many. From cutting wood , repairs, water supply and being one big man! has been a huge asset to Delta Outfitters.

Saskatchewan whitetail
Michelle Roberts - Owner/Management

As a kid Michelle was introduced to hunting and fishing which has turned into an obsession as time went on. She has taken many quality animals over the years with many more to come. Michelle has and will continue to play a key role in this operation as camp management.

Michelle is also one of our full time cooks in camp.

Shane Smith - Guide (Birds)

Hunting birds is not only a passion but an obsession, Shane has 40 years of in field hunting experience along with 25 plus years of guiding.

Shane , with his many years experience, realizes and respects that not all hunters abilities are the same and is very willing to accommodate when possible to make your adventure comfortable and memorable.



Jordon Roberts ( Jay) - Guide

Jordon  is the youngest of the Delta Crew, that said he is well trained in every aspect of the outdoors. Being raised with a family of outdoorsmen and women , Jordon has more than above average time and knowledge in the outdoor world.

When it comes to having a good time, joking around but getting serious when needed, Jordon is the man for the job!

Angus Sewap (CHEESE)- Guide

As home grown local , Angus has tons of knowledge when it comes to landscape, animal patterns and hunting techniques. Angus is hard working and eager for success which proves to be a quality favoured by our clients.

Gilbert Crane (GIL)- Guide

Gil is one of the most knowledgeable guides on the team, many years of working in the bush has gave this man more knowledge than most can only imagine having. Hard working is an understatement for this "older" fella, we say Gil was calling moose before the moose even knew what a call was!

Travis Deschambeault- Guide

Travis joined the team in 2022 and has already proven to be not only a hard working guide but also a heck of a moose hunter. Very respectful of client needs and like the rest of the team he goes above and beyond to make sure your adventure is all it can be.

Kyle Harmon - Guide (Birds)

"Roughly 30 years ago my father took me on my first duck hunting trip, all these years later and it still gets my blood pumping."


As an avid outdoorsman Kyle understands the "No days off" mentality, if he is not in a blind calling ducks and geese he is on the road looking for the next setup.

It is his desire to give each client that once in a lifetime hunting adventure!

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