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A typical day will begin in camp with a cup of coffee, a hearty breakfast and beautiful Saskatchewan morning.


During the day hunters will have the option to spend some time on the quad with their guide baiting, checking for bear activity and enjoying the scenery. We usually keep 20 very active bait sites which are maintained on a regular basis and monitored with game cameras.


Another option for the die-hard bear hunter is to get into the tree stand first thing in the morning and break up the day how he or she desires.


After an exciting morning we will meet at camp and get ready for the late afternoon/ evening hunt.


Expect some exciting close encounter bear activity while in the stand! Nothing beats the rush of seeing a big boar dominate the bait site from 20 yards!

huge black bear

Black Bear Hunts


  • Weapon of Choice


  • Ammunition


  • Rifle Hunters - Blaze Orange Hat & suit/vest


  • Bow Hunters - Camo Suit & Hat


  • Fall Protection Harness (required)


  • Mosquito Head Net


  • Video Camera


  • Digital Camera


  • Batteries


  • Fishing Tackle


  • Safety Glasses


  • Hunting Knife


  • Sunscreen


  • Flashlight


  • Small Backpack


  • Rain & Windproof Outer Wear


  • Warm Clothes


  • Base Layer Clothing


  • Waterproof Boots


  • Camp Shoes


  • Thin Gloves


  • Personal Toiletries


  • Insect Repellent/thermacell


  • Plastic Cooler (hide transport)




If a bear is wounded and not found the hunt is considered over




Stuff to bring

big black bear


Included in the Bear hunt


  • Guide

  • Accommodation/meals

  • Transportation during your hunt

  • Game retrieval

  • Trophy preparation

  • Meat transportation prepping


Not included


  • All relevant taxes

  • Licence

  • Firearm import permit fees

  • Gratuity optional

  • Client is responsible to transport meat home   

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