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Typically we hunt moose from one of our two remote camps. These camps have everything we need and are very comfortable and remote!


Camps are located in perfect moose habitat areas including creeks, rivers, small lakes, timber and swamp. Moose prefer grasses and aquatic plants which makes our hunting area some of the best.


Boats are utilized on the river and channel sytems to travel to and from prime hunting locations. It is not uncommon to see moose at the shoreline while traveling on the water.


A typical day of moose hunting consists of floating the river system early mornings and evenings, calling and listening for response.


Calling bull moose into shooting range, seeing that huge bodied moose appear out of no where, head swaying back and forth, grunting, eyes bulging heading in your direction! is sure to excite even the most experienced of hunters.


Moose Hunts

saskatchewan bull moose

Included in the Moose hunt


  • guide

  • Accommodation/meals

  • Transportation during your hunt

  • Boat, motor and gas

  • Game retrieval

  • Trophy preparation

  • Meat transportation prepping


Not included


  • All relevant taxes

  • Licence

  • Firearm import permit fees

  • Gratuity optional

  • Client is responsible to transport meat home     

Stuff to bring


  • Weapon of Choice


  • Ammunition


  • Rifle Hunters - Blaze Orange Hat & suit/vest


  • Fall Protection Harness (required)


  • Mosquito Head Net


  • Video Camera


  • Digital Camera


  • Batteries


  • Fishing Tackle


  • Safety Glasses


  • Hunting Knife


  • Flashlight


  • Small Backpack


  • Rain & Windproof Outer Wear


  • Warm Clothes


  • Base Layer Clothing


  • Waterproof Boots


  • Camp Shoes


  • Thin Gloves


  • Personal Toiletries


  • Insect Repellent


  • Plastic Cooler (MEAT transport)



If a moose is wounded and not found the hunt is considered over








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